How to Choose the Right Worm Composting Bin?

Worm composting is one of the most beneficial things for the nature. Just from simple, household garbage, you can create manures as powerful as chemical ones. All you need is the kitchen trash, which should be organic material, some papers or cardboard, some worms for decomposing the garbage, and most importantly a composting bin.

A worm composting bin is a special container where you can throw in the garbage and the worms for decomposing. The worms start acting almost immediately by eating and breaking down the organic matter. Once they digest the necessary food, they cast or defecate the remainder. Their faeces are the ultimate product used as a manure.

However, the composting bin is an important component in the entire process of vermicomposting. While there are multiple types of worm composting bins available in the market, many different parameters come into play while choosing the right one.

Some of the common parameters are listed below that will help you select the right worm composting bin.


Cost is the major parameter when it comes to selecting a bin for vermicomposting. It is better to go for the mid-range composting bins if you are looking for domestic composting. Larger and branded ones cost a lot and are used on an industrial level. Avoid buying the cheap ones since they are not reliable.


Vermicomposting is usually a low maintenance process. All you need to do is just throw the garbage and the worms in the compost bin and your work is done. However, the composting bins require a bit of maintenance. You need to maintain a proper bed for the worms to function. This means you will have to periodically check and clean them to keep them working well.


Weight of the compost bin is an essential parameter. After you dump in the garbage, worms and other components along with the compost that is produced can make the compost bin heavy. Make sure to keep the bin weight balanced and manageable so that it is easy to move it around.


The size of the bin is also an important factor. Instead of it being tall and narrow, choose the ones that are wide and long. This gives you more surface area to deal with, helping with more produce. Moreover, having more surface allows a better-quality produce with enough aeration.

In this regard, Vers L’avenir composting worm bin can be the best choice, giving an all-round coverage for composting.