How to start a cleaning business

One of the biggest concerns of one starting a cleaning business is the fear of having no job security. However, in today’s economy, owing your job actually gives you more job security given that current jobs are not that secure. With the cleaning business, the work is very steady but also it is cool because you can always allocate free time to pursue your goals and hobbies.

Starting your own cleaning business is a good way to generate money if you are out of work and looking for a new stream of revenue. There are four steps in which one can follow to start a new business:

  • Designing your business

You can design to be a commercial or consumer driven business. If you just want to focus on commercial places, you clean offices or places where real exchange of goods and services is actually done. For your client, this is keeping his surrounding favourable to his or ger customers. For you it’s a big opportunity to show case your ability to make things tidy and neat.

With the home cleaning, you will be limited to clients since the only people who see you is your client and his or her neighbour. However, in case of commercial driven business, it easy to grow your list of clients since many people can see you doing the work.  So, if your cleaning crew is wearing a uniform with a name on it, bingo, you have already marketed your company. Now, consider the services you want to offer. Still, figure out where you want to start your business. You can start from your house of look for a commercial space.

  • Make your business official.

Pick your company name. It should be short and catchy. It must be search engine friendly and unique too. Check your business name not registered as a current business.  Now follow the rules, how you will register a company, Get legal business documents or license for your business. Get a liability insurance for your business.

  • Set up your business

Purchase all the equipment needed for your business. Most often you need a vacuum cleaner, cleansing products, dusting rags, paper towels and sponges, trash bags air freshener spray and rubber gloves.

  • Start promoting and build your own brand

Promoting your business will be at first be of use in search of new clients. Focus on institutions, galleries or malls. So, the only challenge is to getting clients give you a contract. Once you get a contract, you become a brand.

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