Where to cast the best German voice-over

Would you like to expand your audience and confidently enter the local market? Creating content with a genuine native German voice-over is the best way to target a German audience. This can be applied to various mediums of audio-visual content such as film, television, audiobooks, video games, and online explainer videos, apps, GPS, and more.

However, in the struggle to cover a bigger audience, it is important not to forget about the quality. It is essential to find a genuine talent since German impressions will not be accurate if you choose a low-quality voice actor, which can hurt the product.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to a tried and tested agency offering top German voice-over. Voquent can provide remote and on-location professional voice-over recording for various mediums. The benefits of working with Voquent are: 

  • Rocket-fast casting 
  • There’s a helpful filter system on the website to choose a specific tone or vocal characteristic. With 70,000 demos to listen to, the perfect voice is just waiting to be discovered.
  • Over 1700 accents and dialects to choose from.
  • Audio engineers professionally verify home studios, so professional sound quality is guaranteed.
  • Choose voices in any language, from any region, with any set of vocal characteristics. All voices: from gentle female soprano to low male baritone – whatever your project needs! 
  • Exceptional communication & a managed service

Voquent does it all! Services include script creation and translation, casting, voice recording, and synchronization with your video. Simply provide a text for a German voice-over and your voice requirements. Alternatively, you can also browse their exceptional talent database to choose the voice you want. The platform will select the best suitable German voices for your request. After the approval of the terms and details of your project, Voquent immediately proceeds to its high-quality implementation.

What kind of German voice-over do you need?

  1. Dubbing. It is often used when adapting foreign material. The announcer performs the script in a new language in sync with the articulation of the original character’s lips. For accuracy, they use the installation of voice acting, changing the pace of speech, and even editing the text to create a perfect time sync.
  2. Voice-over for video. The announcer’s voice and sound effects are superimposed on the video to complement and enhance it. Off-screen sound should not distract the viewer from what is happening but correspond to it. Voice-over has the power to engage and captivate, especially when paired with visuals.
  3. Voice-over for audio. This is used in audiobooks, podcasts, radio, GPS, and other forms of narration. When sound is the only medium, German voice-over becomes even more critical to captivating audiences, spreading your message, or entertainment. A high-quality voice-over is essential to the success of your project.

With the ability to cast any type of voice for any kind of project, Voquent’s German voice-over services will enhance your content. Find the perfect voice for German audiences in seconds.