Best Tools for Storytelling with Data

Data storytelling is important because, through this process, you will be able to effectively visualise the data that you have collected and cleansed. However, this can be quite a challenging feat because of the various ways that you can employ to organise and present the data. Fortunately, there are already several tools, such as those listed below, which can help you achieve this feat.

Tableau Public

One of the best tools that you can consider for data storytelling is Tableau Public. It is a free online tool that will make it easy for you to share the data that you have visualised over the internet. In this case, you can consider data storytelling with data tableau when you want to create interactive charts and graphs, as well as stunning maps or live dashboards. The great thing about Tableau Public is that it can also manage a significant amount of fast-changing datasets such as those utilised in Big Data.


If you want a tool that will allow you to effortlessly upload and analyse your datasets, then you should go for Palladio. With this tool, you no longer need to create an account, which means that the app won’t also collect and store any of your data for your security. Some of the people who use Palladio utilise it for tracking their cash flow, as well as donor data that is collected during charitable drives. Nevertheless, this tool is excellent in showing the relationship between different variables. It even features a Gallery View which presents your data in a grid setting for easy reference.


Another great tool for data storytelling is RAWGraphs. It typically works as a link between spreadsheets and vector graphics. It boasts of an intuitive and easy to navigate interface that allows even users who are not technically adept to utilise it effortlessly. Like with Palladio, you no longer have to create an account or register to use this data storytelling tool. Rather, you only need to enter the data you want to visualise directly. From there, you will be able to choose a chart that you can customise and later on export. Rest assured that you will have up to 16 professional chart templates to choose from with this tool.


Finally, you can also consider using Carto as your data storytelling tool. It is a web-based location intelligence software, which means that it has the capability to identify and analyse the relationship between different regions. Thus, this tool proves to be beneficial for arts managers who wish to understand the differences between neighbourhoods or observe the impact of a certain organisation in various communities.

Final Word

The data storytelling tools listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider if you want to effortlessly visualise the data you have collected and cleansed. There are various other data storytelling tools that you can consider such as Microsoft Power BI (business intelligence). The key is in ensuring that before you attempt to visualise and present your data, you are leveraging accurate and up-to-date raw information.