Are You Planning to Ship Your Motorcycle? Here are Few Things to Know

If you are planning to relocate to a different city or state, you cannot leave your motorcycle behind. Therefore, you need to search for any reliable shipping company that will safely transport your vehicle to your new location.

If you are looking for the cheapest motorcycle shipping company to transport your motorcycle safely then you may seek the services of Ship a Car, Inc. who is connected with a wider network of transports throughout the country. Let us discuss how you will proceed while shipping your motorcycle through any transporter.

  • Understand all your options

If you want to ship your motorcycle then you can also contact any transporter directly and get your vehicle shipped. However, transporters may take little time as they will like to wait for a few more booking of vehicles to the same location.

However, if you contact any shipping broker like SAC, then they can arrange for the transportation of your motorcycle immediately through their wider transport network.  

  • Provide accurate info

While discussing with either any transporter or a broker, you need to share full details about your vehicle. You should also tell them where your vehicle will be picked and where you want it to be delivered. You should also let them know whether your vehicle is in running condition or not.

Having all the necessary details, they will offer their quotation. If you want to get it picked up from your address and dropped at your new address, then there will be a certain additional charges. 

Otherwise, you can deliver your motorcycle to their collection center and also collect it from their depot at their destination. 

  • Get multiple estimates

You need to discuss with several such transporters and transport brokers and get multiple quotes. You can compare the price and other terms and conditions. Don’t always prefer to go for the one who has offered the lowest quotation.

Try to know the reputation of each company and read their review on the internet and then decide the one which you are fully satisfied with all your inquiries. 

  • Preparing your bike

Now you must prepare your bike for shipping. The guidelines for preparation may vary between different companies, but the following preparation will be common to all: 

  • Clean your bike
  • Document and photograph any existing damages (if any)
  • Gather all required shipping documents
  • Check for leaks
  • Remove accessories
  • Properly inflate tires
  • Ensure your signals and lights work
  • How much to pay?

If you want to ship through open transport, then you have to pay less than any enclosed transport. You must also ensure that the charges that you will pay will be all-inclusive and there are no hidden charges. 

Some extra amount may be charged if you want to get pickup and delivery service too. Try to negotiate the price and make sure the prices are as per market rate. 

  • Receive your motorcycle at your destination  

When you receive the information of the arrival of your motorcycle then either collect it from their center or receive it at your address as agreed. Inspect your motorcycle for any damage.