How to Get Around the Complicated Import Clearance?

Is your dream car across the other side of the border? Does it make you anxious to think of all the work involved in importing your dream car into Canadian soil? Then this article is for you to find out how to get your dream car without getting anxious about the hectic importation procedures.

What makes the import of cars into Canada a tiresome job?

The answer to this question is not a simple one but cannot be overlooked either. The long list of paperwork and documents makes it pretty tough to import a car to Canada. But, it can be made easy with a simple step.

Read the article till the end to understand why the importation of cars is tough and how you can make it simple.

Import Challenges

The primary reason for the delay in the importation process is paperwork. There are a myriad of documents to be submitted on the US border and the Canadian border for safe and effective clearance of your vehicle.

Moreover, the outdated formats and documents will only elongate the already hectic procedures. Your car should clear the environmental safety checks, road safety checks, ownership checks, tax regulation checks, and all other exports checks in the US. The same will also be checked and tested on the Canadian border as well.

Already getting anxious about the heaps of documentation to be submitted and closely followed up? Experienced customs brokerage companies like Clearit Canada are the answer to all your worries.

A brokerage firm will do for you all the paperwork and documentation required for the importation of your car. Such companies will remit your duties and taxes to the Canada Customs. Complicated documents like AES and ITN will also be taken care of by them.

They will make sure that none of your documents is out of date and that your car has all the legal, environmental, and safety features on par with Canadian standards. If not, trusted customs broker agencies like Clearit Canada will not proceed with the customs process and help save your money and time.

Furthermore, broker agencies will even appoint a representative on the day of import at the border to help you with the procedure. This can boost your confidence and avoid any probable mistakes during the importation procedures.

In short, to overcome the difficulties in the import of your dream car from the USA, all you have to do is team up with an experienced customs broker company.