SEC Focus on Communication Compliance

As the number of electronic communication channels increases, so should the number of controls in place to monitor these interactions. Firms should review how they approve specific methods and consider limiting access to those applications.

Regulatory changes and the rapid adoption of digital communication technologies have created new challenges for companies and employees. Recent regulations, such as those aimed at protecting employees’ privacy have prompted regulatory bodies to re-examine communication compliance rules and introduce new ones. In particular, hybrid working models are now being examined by supervisors, making it crucial for companies to keep track of and archive all critical communications.

But how do they do it? 

The Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) enforcement efforts have been increasing recently. They issued new rules and increased administration activities in recent months. It expanded the protection offered to users of hybrid working models. Furthermore, periodic sweeps by the SEC have been introduced to help identify firms that do not meet the new rules and regulations. And they are not done yet. 

Personal devices and messaging platforms have become ubiquitous for businesses, so it is essential to consider their implications for compliance. However, the SEC and FINRA recognized the risk these practices pose. 

The SEC’s administration activities have intensified as the focus on communication compliance increases. Firms must maintain records that comply with their regulations and protect employees’ privacy.

A violation of SEC regulations can result in massive fines. Moreover, the authority has accelerated monitoring activities to help companies stay ahead of the competition. Organizations can ensure their interactions stay compliant by making these regulations and policies a part of their overall interaction management strategy.

WeChat and Telegram are both part of those recent published regulations since most companies utilize either of these platforms. Having knowledge with the WeChat compliance and the Telegram compliance will help enterprises conform to the SEC’s regulation while they continue to operate their business.

With so much focus on communication compliance, it is no surprise that the SEC is focusing its attention on this topic. TeleMessage, a provider of data-archiving solutions, recently published an infographic on the SEC’s focus on communication compliance.

If you are wondering what the SEC has planned, donot miss it:

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