Understanding Minimalist Logo From Concept to Creation

Some businesses that use a complex logo are Starbucks, Heineken Beers, and Pirate Bay Coffee. Unlike simple ones, this logo type represents the brand by incorporating more texts, visuals, and designs. It can help ensure that people understand the brands’ message to convey to the audience

On the other hand, not all prefer this for their brand. Others opt for a minimalist logo design. Most probably, the first question that comes to mind is “why?”. Then, if yes, read this article to know the answer

What is a Minimalist Logo?

Minimalism is the concept used in designing this type of logo. It revolves around the “less is more” idea.

Creating a minimalist design and the likes means stripping away the elements that serve no purpose. Hence, choosing the most crucial figures and correctly arranging them helps the logo speak and hold its own in the competition.

Employing simplicity makes the logo stand out in media and advertisements as consumers can easily remember them in the technologically-driven society. This principle sets this logo concept apart from its complex counterpart.

Some argue that minimal looks plain. However, people should know that drafting a logo takes place on a small canvas. So, the more elements the designer adds, the easier it loses clarity.

A minimalist logo’s simplicity is its huge advantage.

Why Use Minimalist Logo?

The core concepts of minimalism are yet to change. When applied in graphic design, these principles combine clean lines, simple colors, and elementary shapes. 

If done correctly, minimalist logos look balanced and not overpowering in the eyes. Besides, it brings the following benefits:

  • Memorable: The fewer the elements, the more people can remember the brand. In contrast, heavily-crafted logos are harder to retain in mind as there are many to process.
  • Time and Cost-Efficient: Minimalist logos are simple, so designing them goes the same as their looks.
  • Captures Attention: Staring at a minimalist logo can make people look twice. Every line, shape, or color stands out as lesser elements are there.
  • Perfect for Mobile Optimization: Brands promoting their products or services online experience no hassle configuring their minimalist logos. Aside from loading faster on mobile phones, minimally-designed logos do not lose impact.

How to Design a Minimalist Logo?

Here are the four steps to follow in crafting a minimalist logo:

  1. Research

A logo embodies the business’ visual identity, encompassing the company’s colors and website design and the likes. Conceptualizing and designing the logo starts with researching. 

It should not only focus on vision and mission but also the brand’s values, attitude, competitors, and more. These details are necessary for making an informed logo design.

  1. Get Inspired

Aside from getting background knowledge, finding inspiration is also crucial. With many online examples, businesses can learn from them and adapt their concepts for a while.

  1. Sketch Logo Ideas

If done gaining insights and inspiration, drafting the logo designs is next. Let ideas flow, and do not be wary about the mistakes as refining comes later. Produce as many logo examples as possible. Use black and white only as a good design work without any color and makes the work lighter.

  1. Develop a Few Samples

Out of the dozens of logo examples created, pick a few to develop before making a final verdict. Two or three will suffice.

Choosing between complex and minimalist designs for a business logo depends on the company. Both are beneficial if the creation is carried out accordingly. Thus, finding a professional logo designer can be the best choice.

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