Customs brokers: Benefits, hiring the right option, and more!

Importing goods into the United States can be an overwhelming affair because of the statutory and regulatory requirements. As an importer, your eventual goal is to do business successfully, and where needed, expertise must be hired. That’s where a customs broker comes in the picture. Also called import brokers, customs brokers have the basic role of helping importers in clearing goods from the customs. They are regulated and licensed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  Top services, such as Clearit USA customs brokerage, have expertise across a range of niches and industries. In this quick post, we are sharing the benefits hiring a customs broker and how to find the right option. 

Why hire a customs broker?

Importers often work with customs brokers because they don’t want to remain the loop of figuring out tariff classifications, international trade agreements, calculation of duties and taxes, and statutory compliance. With a customs broker, you sign a power of attorney (which is a must), allowing them to work and interact with the Customs and other government agencies on your behalf. Your customs broker can also help with other things, such as recordkeeping and maintenance of documents. In any case, import brokers are required to maintain records of goods from the date of entry for five years. If duties were overpaid, your broker will also take care of the duty drawback and refund procedures. 

How to find the best customs broker?

There is nothing called the “best” customs broker. It all comes down to what a broker can do for you. 

  1. Check if they have expertise and experience of dealing with goods and commodities that your company intends to import. 
  2. Find out if the same customs broker is working with other similar clients, especially your competitors.
  3. Check if the customs brokers have good reviews. Many brokers do not offer references, because they have a confidentiality clause with their clients. 
  4. Can the broker deal with all kinds of shipments and goods? Do they have physical presence at the major ports of entry?
  5. How long the customs broker has been in business? Industry exposure is key to getting good services. 

Consult a broker 

If you want to work with a customs broker and gain the most of their expertise, consider finding a service that has good presence in the market. Ask for a free consultation session to know if they can offer tailored solutions for your specific business needs.